Magdalena Molinari is an architect, visual artist, and master in electronic arts from Argentina. Her work combines electronics, programming, light, color, and video to explore the relationship between control systems, spatial devices, and materials. She creates walkable light installations that generate experiences of pure sensation, omitting identification or association with the known.

In 2010, Molinari received her degree in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism at the UBA. Since then, she has studied electronics and programming independently and as a self-taught artist. In 2016, she began a master's degree in electronic arts at the University of Tres de Febrero, where she is currently a teacher. In 2017, she received a scholarship to conduct a residency at Sporobole, an art center in Quebec, where she developed a digital video to light translation system.

Molinari has exhibited her work in various galleries and cultural centers, including MACBA, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Muntref, Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Laboratorio Festival, Centro Cultural Rojas, Centro Cultural San Martín, Universidad Torcuato Ditella, and Centro Cultural Kirchner. She has also participated in festivals such as FASE, SONAR, MUTEK.AR, Mutek Montreal, CASO, Parque España Cultural Center. She has given talks at the University of Palermo, the University of Fine Arts of Rosario and the University of Tres de Febrero. She has conducted workshops on the transition from digital image to light and is a professor of the Master's Degree in Electronic Arts at Untref, the Master's Degree in Interactive Design at Fadu and the Bachelor's Degree in Design at Ditella.

Molinari has been a member of the Amplify D.A.I. platform for female and non-binary digital artists since 2019. Between 2020 and 2023, she developed a virtual reality project called "Sensitive Superpositions" with Canadian artist Erin Gee, with the support of Amplify D.A.I. and the Canada Council. They are currently developing a multimedia performance based on this project. In 2022, Molinari won first prize at the MediaLab CCEBA for electronic art projects for her LandArt installation called "FOTOESFERAS", which was on display in Buenos Aires through 2022 and is currently on display in Rosario.